Approved Rubberbond Installer

The RubberBond EPDM system is suitable for all types of roofs. From residential and commercial roofs to extensions, garages, porches and dormers, it can be easily installed anywhere.

Approved Rubberbond
EPDM flat roof installers.

Could flat roofing be the best option for your home? This style of roof offers a lot of benefits and when it is installed correctly it will be durable and reliable. We have many years of experience installing flat roofs, so you can count on us to offer you an excellent roof installation service with high quality materials.
The roof is one of the most important parts of your home, because it protects you and your loved ones from the snow and rain. A leaky poor quality roof can cause a lot of problems, so we make sure that your roof is solid, dependable and installed correctly. We provide our roof installation service with professionalism and a smile and we make sure that our customers are fully satisfied.
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Flat roofs that
last a life time.

Flat rubber roofing is considered one of the toughest roofing materials and it is known for being very resistant to weather, wind and sun. It has been proven to last longer than many different types of conventional flat roofing materials.
A flat roof always consists of an under layer and a top coat and the proper sealing of these two parts is essential to the integrity of the roof. When we install flat roofing we only use the best materials and we take our time to ensure that the job is done right.
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The CORC was established in 1985 and is now the most respected and widely known roofing trade association within the industry and the general public.
The Consumer Protection Association is a top UK consumer protection agency. A national organisation that has been helping consumers and installers for over twenty years.

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