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Leaking patch on your ceiling? Visually slipped tile? Broken ridge? Tear in felt roof? Whatever the issue, it looks like you need your roof repaired promptly. Whether your roof is made from tiles, or your issue is with a felt/flat roof, we have the experience to help on either a routine, or an emergency call out basis.

It’s easy to put it off until another day, but dealing with it now can stop a lot of potential hassle and money later on. Water damage is one of the most fierce of mother natures’, and could well leave lasting damage unless you tend to the issue straight away.

This is where you sit back and relax, because Supreme O Roofing come in to action . As soon as you spot a problem with your roof, give us a call and we’ll come and assess it for you. We offer free of charge quotations, advice, and a quality service.

We love nothing more than making our customers feel relaxed, happy, and feel as though they have had great value for money.

The good news is that even though your issue might seem large at the minute, the reality is that if we get to your property in good time, there is a good chance there will be a quick fix.

Don’t hesitate – call us today.

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Barking, Beckenham, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Chingford, Chislehurst, Dagenham, Dartford, East London, Essex, Hornchurch, Ilford, Orpington, Rainham, Romford, Greenwich, Lewisham, Peckham, Woolwich, Forest Hill, Blackheath, Catford, Charlton, Eltham, Sidcup, South Woodford, Swanley, Upminster, Walthamstow, West Wickham

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Concrete roof tiles are the most popular form of roofing material in many countries around the world – and for good reason. They have a number of beneficial properties that make them a great choice for the roof of your home. Here are some of the reasons to choose roof tiles:

  • They will last for many years, providing you with a beautiful and hardwearing roof for your home.
  • Roof tiles come in a range of colours so that you can choose the roof that looks best for your home.
  • Circulation within the house is often enhanced with the use of roof tiles.
  • If you live near the sea a tiled roof will be a good choice because it will be water and salt resistant.
  • This type of roof has an excellent thermal performance and the energy used to maintain the home will be kept at a comfortable level.
  • Because roof tiles are non-toxic they will be suitable for the collection of rainwater, so that you can reuse this water for greywater.
  • The roof tiles will be dense so that it will be quiet within your home and you will not be disturbed as much by the sounds of traffic, train, aircraft and other noises.
  • Once concrete tiles are installed they will require very little maintenance for many years. If a section of the roof is ever damaged it will be easy to repair, as you will only need to remove and repair the affected tiles.
  • A concrete roof tile will be fire resistant and can be safely used in areas that are prone to fires.

These are just a few of the many benefits of a tiled roof. Could this excellent style of roof be the right option for you? Contact us today for an expert opinion on your roof and a free estimate for your project.


Slate roofing is a beautiful material that dates back to Roman times and offers durability and aesthetic appeal. Having a slate roof brings with it a lot of advantages, so let’s look at some of the reasons why this roofing material is so popular:

  • Slate has a wonderful natural beauty which adds a lot of elegance to any architectural style. It is available in a wide range of colours and textures, including purple, red, black, grey and green.
  • Slate will maintain its beautiful appearance regardless of its age, so your house will look great for many years. A slate roof can easily last for at least 100 years, which is almost double what other roofing materials can offer.
  • Because slate is such a great insulator it will make a big difference in lowering your net energy costs.
  • The high density of slate means that it will not absorb water and it will be waterproof. This means that it will perform well in temperature fluctuations and inclement weather conditions and is suitable for areas that are prone to wind, snow and rain.
  • A slate roof will be resistant to fungus and mould.
  • When you install a slate roof on your home it will greatly increase the resale value and make the home much more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • Slate is completely fire proof, so your home will be protected from any air borne sparks from wildfires or nearby house fires.
  • Slate is a very environmentally friendly roofing material and because it lasts a long time it will generate much less waste in the long term.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider choosing slate for a roofing material for your home. To find out more about the slate roofing services that we have to offer, you can feel free to contact us at any time for more information or a free quote.

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